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Transportation policies.

Compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance SGΔ.

Compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance SG in Dnepropetrovsk

On 1 January 2005 the new terms and conditions of Ukraine Law on Compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance came into effect. According to this Law the insurance company covers the impairment caused by the vehicle owner (driver) to third persons (the so called autograzhdanka). Having bought the compulsory motor insurance policy, within the policy limits you will be relieved of any liability for material damage, which you may inflict on the aggrieved persons life and health, as well as the property thereof. This means that in the event of a traffic accident due to your fault, the insurance company will indemnify the aggrieved party, compensate the loss for the damaged vehicle of the other party involved into the traffic accident, as well as the personal injury to third persons (passengers and pedestrians).

The insurers liquidated damages under this type of insurance are as follows:

  • 25,500 UAH for third persons property;
  • 51,000 UAH for third partys personal injury.
  • The price of the policy depends on the engine displacement for a motor car, carrying capacity for a truck and number of seats for a bus, as well as the number of people allowed to drive the vehicle and their driving experience (starting at 223.52 UAH). There are benefits for certain categories of citizens, and also discounts, depending on the number of vehicles being insured and previous period driving zero accident rate.

    Such insurance contracts can be entered into at all Company braches, and in the corporate office in Dnepropetrovsk.

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