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Legal entities insurance

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Legal entities insurance includes providing coverage to organizations and enterprises of any type of property.

What can be insured by a manager, businessman or commodity producer?
Buildings and structures, equipment, property (including leased property), commodity stocks and supplies, offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, vehicles, expensive appliances and outdoor advertisement.
An agricultural manager may insure future harvest, equipment and farm animals.
Financial structures will be interested in collateralized property insurance, during credit allowance.
Transportation enterprises can be offered fleet insurance on the most beneficial conditions, applying essential discounts and benefits while making insurance payments.
A commodity producer may insure liability for the quality of produced goods and transportation thereof to the consumers.
In addition to the above, the company can offer insurance of cargo shipped by any kind of transportation: marine, railway, vehicle and aircraft, both on the territory of Ukraine and outside its borders.

What risks are provided for by the insurance contract?
Fire, explosion, lightning stroke, burglary, brigandage, robbery, third persons violence, acts of God, breakages of water supply, sewerage, heating systems and fire fighting systems, damage to shop window glasses and outdoor advertisement. The company has developed insurance products for each type of risks, as per the clients choice.

Why is it beneficial to by insurance?
Every manager, when launching new business project or developing the project already started invests considerable amounts of funds. It is hardly worth convincing anybody of the amount of risk this or that kind of business may involve, how imperfect or obsolete communication systems may be, what steps business rivals may take, how dangerous freight traffic may be. This is where the question may rise: is it worth taking chances all alone, or is it better to secure the insurers support? The answer suggests itself only in a positive fashion, the more so because the basic insurance rate will not cost you too much. Obligatory types of insurance provide for essential discounts.

Vehicle risks insurance.
Actually, provides for insurance of vehicles (CNC insurance), traffic accident insurance, civil liability motor-vehicle insurance (OSAGO), providing coverage abroad using policies Green Card and Blue Card.

What can be insured under vehicle insurance contract?
Any vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers to cars and trucks, buses and vans) against car theft and damage as a result of a traffic accident, fire, explosion, acts of God, falling objects (including snow, ice, trees, etc.), catching stones, as well as third persons unlawful acts.

How does the coverage work?
In the event of the insured accident occurrence, in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract, you will be indemnified for the renewal of the damaged vehicle (in the event of vehicle damage as a result of traffic accident, act of God, third persons unlawful acts), or disbursed the amount of indemnity in the event of car theft, fire or explosion.
Submission of traffic police certificate is not required in case of broken glass, headlight lamps and mirrors.

Civil liability motor-vehicle insurance
In accordance with Ukraine Law on Compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance the insurance company covers the damaged caused by the vehicle owner (driver) to third persons (the so called autograzhdanka or OSAGO).
Within the policy limits the enterprise will be relieved of liability for the material damage, which the enterprise driver may inflict on the life and health, as well as the property, of third persons, who were victims of the traffic accident. The insurance company will indemnify the aggrieved third party for the enterprise, compensate the loss for the damaged vehicle of the other party involved into the traffic accident, as well as the personal injury to third persons (passengers and pedestrians), in the event the driver of the enterprise is the party at fault for the traffic accident.

The insurers liquidated damages under this type of insurance are as follows: 25,500 UAH for third persons property; and 51,000 UAH for third partys personal injury.
The price of the policy (OSAGO) depends on the engine displacement for a motor car, carrying capacity for a truck and number of seats for a bus, as well as the number of people allowed to drive the vehicle and their driving experience. There are benefits and discounts, granted to the Policy Holders, depending on the number of vehicles being insured and previous period driving zero accident rate.
You will not be able to register your vehicle at the traffic police or pass the annual inspection without the civil liability motor-vehicle insurance policy.

Also the Company can offer the managers of various companies to insure their team against an accident, or arrange personal sickness insurance.
The collective accident and sickness insurance program meets the requirements of both the employer and the employee, and also family members of the insured in the event of insured accidents occurrence.
The Program provides for a 24-hour annual coverage, valid throughout the world, and various types of coverage, such as:

complete / partial disability;
hospitalization (disbursements for every day of hospital stay);
surgical intervention;
fractures and burns;
accidental death.

If you want to know in better details about our Companys insurance products, or purchase one of those, you can contact one of out branches, addresses of which are indicated in the website sections braches and contacts, and also at the bottom of each page.
The Company will provide all required information to you, and also provide for the specialist (agent) visit to execute the insurance contract.

If you are interested in any of the types of insurance as indicated on this page, select it among the voluntary and obligatory types on the left, and click on it with your "mouse".

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