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Joint-stock insurance company "Dnipro".

About the Company

Private Joint-Stock "Insurance Company "Dnipro"’ is a universal, financially stable company, employing 177 qualified specialists that have many years of practical experience in both insurance and settlement of damages related to insurance accidents. Complete professionalism of the company’s personnel provides for high quality and efficient operations on the insurance market. The company board is located in the central part of Dnepropetrovsk and the company’s 2 branches and 29 divisions of the Departament on work with clients work in virtually every district and city of Dnepropetrovsk region.

The company provides insurance services to both legal entities and individuals. Among the company’s clients there are industrial and agricultural enterprises, trading and commercial companies, financial structures, small and middle business ventures, as well as private individuals. The company’s business reputation is proved by high quality maintenance of each insurance contract, prompt response in settlements of insurance accidents and individual approach to our clients’ requests. The insurance company “Dnipro” is permanently working to improve our insurance products, terms and conditions of sales thereof, with consideration to the requirements of the market and the client’s interests.

Private Joint-Stock Insurance Company “Dnipro”’ offers its clients more than 20 kinds of insurance services, maintains business cooperation with reliable and stably working insurance and reinsurance companies of Ukraine, as well as with foreign reinsurers.

The company provides its insurants defense against real risks and dangers, realizing that the positive result of insurance activity implies the company’s readiness to comply with its obligations to the client as per terms and conditions of the executed insurance contract, assuring reliable defense of the insurant’s interests against casualties.

Private Joint-Stock Insurance Company “Dnipro”” 2013 financial highlights

Financial effect of the company’s operations:
1.Insurance gross premiums,
• Voluntary types of insurance
• Obligatory types of insurance
9298,8 thousand UAH
5157,0 thousand UAH

5025,1 thousand UAH
131,9 thousand UAH
2. Other 4141,8 thousand UAH
Insurance compensations 625,7 thousand UAH
Technical insurance funds 1996,6 thousand UAH

Payments of insurance compensations in 2013
amounted to 625,7 thousand UAH, including (by insurance types):

1. Vehicle insurance 326,5 thousand UAH
2. Insurance of individuals’ and legal entities’ property 213,2 thousand UAH
3. Obligatory and personal insurance 86,0 thousand UAH


Authorized capital stock of Private Joint-Stock Insurance Company “Dnipro”” amounts to 11,026,026 UAH.
The state of Ukraine in person of Dnepropetrovsk regional department of Government Property Fund acted as the Company promoter.
At present there is no Government share in the Company’s authorized capital stock.
The Company provides insurance services on the basis of 15 licenses for insurance activity of the National commission for state regulation of financial services markets of Ukrain:
Series AE, Nos. 198740 ÷ 198754.

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against accidents to
liabilities of dangerous goods transportation entities liabilities of weapons owners corporate fire fighting service personnel


property insurance against fire and acts of God property insurance of individuals and legal entities vehicle insurance cargo and baggage insurance rail transport insurance medical insurance accident insurance health insurance in case of sickness international medical
protection and indemnity insurance notaries liability insurance insurance of financial risks insurance of farming risks animal insurance

Vehicle policies

mandatory third party liability insurance coverage «Green Card»

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